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Network Security Best Practices

Posted by Angel Martinez on Aug 7, 2018 9:54:51 AM

When black hat hackers target major retailers such as Target or Home Depot, all eyes turn to cybersecurity. But did you know that small businesses are at an even greater threat risk than these major companies? These brands often lack the knowledge of network security best practices, and hackers know entrepreneurial companies are unlikely to pursue costly litigation.

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The Cost of NOT Having Proper Data Security

Posted by Angel Martinez on Aug 1, 2018 10:07:00 AM

Why is information security important for a company?

Organizations feel the cost of not having proper data security in their wallets, their credibility, and their customer retention rates.

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Top Data Security Concerns

Posted by Angel Martinez on Jul 25, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Secure data is data that is both protected and available. Whether you use hardware or software measures to keep your data under virtual lock and key, you can make sure everything stays protected from cyber predators, unforeseen disasters, and simple errors.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Network Security

Posted by Angel Martinez on Jul 17, 2018 2:23:17 PM

Hooded hackers don't cause most security breaches. Ordinary computer users do. Careless email mistakes, faxes on the floor, and easy-to-guess passwords can put your business' data at risk.

Keep your data locked away with this easy list of dos and don'ts.

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Top 5 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Questions and Solutions

Posted by Angel Martinez on Jun 25, 2018 12:26:27 PM

If you've read our post about business continuity testing, then you understand the need to develop and implement a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR).  Here are the Top 5 BC/DR questions and solutions to help you get started with your plan.

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Google Assistant, Facebook Data, and the GDPR

Posted by Angel Martinez on May 17, 2018 4:41:36 PM

This Week in Technology

Google Assistant Gets 6 New Voices!

Last week Google announced they are adding some new voices to their Google Assistant enabled devices. If you're looking for fresh sounds from your Google Home, Android phone or tablet (with Android Marshmallow or later), or your Chromebook, you're in luck! You now have access to 6 distinct voices: 3 male and 3 female.

These new voices are already live and ready to be used by your Google devices. Click the link below for a walk-through of setting up your brand new voice!

Here's How to Set up These New Voices on Your Device

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Ransomware: Protecting Your Business Against the Threats You Can’t See

Posted by Angel Martinez on Apr 16, 2018 2:49:13 PM

Ransomware may pose the biggest cybersecurity threat to your business in 2018. Here’s how to protect your data - and your liquid assets - from getting nabbed for a ransom. 

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What Factors Are Driving the End User Managed Services Decision?

Posted by Angel Martinez on Apr 9, 2018 8:54:00 AM

Technology has upended every industry from Airbnb’s disruption of hotels to Bitcoin’s impact on currency. This rapid escalation combined with technology’s increasing availability means everyone has access to powerful tools that didn’t even exist five years ago.

While access to high-impact technology can help any business grow, managing that technology requires both a level of skill and a budget beyond the reach of an enterprise-level business. That’s why more and more companies are turning to end-user managed services.

What other factors are driving the end user managed services decision?

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Reported Ransomware Attack on the City of Atlanta, GA

Posted by Angel Martinez on Apr 6, 2018 2:26:52 PM

On March 22, 2018 the City of Atlanta reported a ransomware attack—SAMSAM—from hackers requesting $51,000. Ransomware is a malware attack that prohibits access to computer files that can take down an entire company infrastructure and prevent access to important files and systems. For example, six days after the City of Atlanta attack police and municipal court employees are having to fill out paperwork by hand on paper, residents are unable to pay water bills and parking tickets online too.

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Benefits of Using a Document Management System

Posted by Angel Martinez on Mar 28, 2018 9:16:09 AM

Learn how to securely share and manage company data without spending a fortune.


According to Techopedia, “document management is the process of storing, locating, updating, and sharing data for the purpose of workflow progression and business outcomes. Centralized sharing and data storage within specific servers help organizations access information efficiently and effectively, along with securing protected data. Programs and servers are used in the process of document management. Important metadata is centralized, as opposed to decentralized or difficult to locate.” Document Management Systems (DMS) have become more popular recently. As businesses migrate IT infrastructure to the cloud it is a natural progression to use a DMS. Most DMS are hosted in the cloud and provide access from anywhere. Examples include: Box, Dropbox, and eDocs. Continuing reading to learn why your business should use a DMS.

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