Your Network is Like Any Other Employee. Is it Working the Way it Should?

Gain complete insight into your existing network, pinpoint potential problem areas, and outline opportunities for improvement.

network assessment with wolf technology group

When you schedule a Network Assessment, we will set up a time for a quick conversation about the scope of your current environment. Then we will schedule an in-depth Network Assessment which would include:

  • A meeting to understand your company's technology use, problems areas, and plans
  • Network documentation including switches, routers, wireless access points, and plans
  • Installation of a network probe to collect data points for analysis and reporting
  • A Network Assessment report which consists of
    • A Network Report Card
    • A list of issues that were found during the assessment and a suggested plan to remediate said issues
    • Network documentation

When the assessment is done, you will have a complete reference guide for your network, whether or not you are a customer or are even thinking of becoming one. Whether you have your own IT dept, work with a whole separate company, or choose Wolf Technology Group, this document will give you a complete record of your technology infrastructure. Fill out our form on this page and schedule your no-obligation Network Assessment & Documentation with Wolf Technology Group today!